#48 Sluice

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#48 Aluminum Sluice 10" x 48" with flair.
RDH Prospecting Sluice Box. The sluice box size is 48 "L x 10"W x 3 inch high sides it weigh's 8 lbs. The main reason we make them out of aluminum is so there light weight and it make¿s it easier to use a magnet to remove the black sand build up. The unique elongated 45 deg z-riffle are great for trapping gold. Aluminum riffle and box will stand up to many years of use. Up top is ribbed matting for fast gold ID and down below is ribbed miner's carpet. The box is a strong.080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum. The expanded metal helps keeps the gold in the box and pervent the rocks from knocking it loose. The riffle cage is also aluminum.